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Once you buy Automatic TikTok Likes at we will monitor your account for new account activity and send likes automatically.

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When you have made a post our system will detect it within minutes and place it in queue to receive its likes. We also offer slow dripped options to spread the likes out as well as delayed delivery options if you wish for the likes to come at a later time.

Our customers include bands, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and artists who want to make an impact. Sometimes, all you need is one person with the connections to make you popular on TikTok.



Automated Likes

Likes are sent at a natural rate from real users.


Timing is Everything

We offer various delayed delivery and slow dripped options.


Natural Delivery

Extra likes and views will be delivered on every post.


High Quality

Real likes from real users. No empty shell accounts or fake profiles.


Video Views

Receive free views with every post that you make.


Get Assistance 24/7

You’ll be dealing with a real person, no canned auto responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you upload anything to TikTok, you want it to be taken seriously and rated well by everyone who watches it. They may also leave their Likes, Hearts, and remarks.

The problem is that every piece of TikTok content starts with no Likes. The total number may ultimately rise, but for the time being, no one who sees it is instantly motivated.

Why not buy TikTok Likes instead to boost the appeal of your video from the moment it goes live? This is the most common reason why consumers buy TikTok Likes and Hearts regularly.

Why not be more proactive when it is your responsibility to ensure that your information is taken seriously? Buying TikTok Likes does not affect the quality of your content; instead, it ensures that it sends a more powerful and meaningful message.

You may make a new post immediately after making your order, and if it receives likes, TikTok’s algorithm will assume it’s popular and move your account to the ForYou section. You may choose whether you want all your desired likes to appear instantly or after a particular length.

Our system monitors your account for new posts 24/7. Once it has detected a new post it will be put into queue to receive likes and views. This usually takes place within minutes. If you have a delayed start in place then our system will ensure the likes and views do not come in until the delay period has passed.

Our system utilizes real users that are participating in a like for like exchange group. These are real users with profile images and real account activity. Never will we use bot accounts or accounts that otherwise look fake. Also note that it will not be the same people liking your posts over and over.

All automated likes are, in reality, sent by real people. They will find your post and enjoy it, making it famous on TikTok. That sets us apart from the competition. We know people want more auto likes on TikTok to improve the visibility of the important hashtags and the ForYou page.

To ensure authenticity we will send a random number of likes to each post. It will never be the same amount. For example,  if you have a package for 250 likes then you may expect to receive anywhere from 250 likes to 300 likes per post. We can put together customized packages that are based on your specifications as well. Want to receive between 500 to 1000 likes a post? We can set that up!

We do not limit how many posts you receive likes to in a day. There is a monthly limit of 30 posts however. If you need more posts per month then please reach out to us so we can upgrade your package.

All of our automatic likes packages include free video views. For example, if you have a package for 1000 likes a post you will receive 1000+ views, a package for 5000 likes will receive 5,000+ views etc. Visit our automatic TikTok views service if you require more views.

To utilize our services we require that your account be public, otherwise our users cannot see your posts. If you do put your account on private at any time while using our services it will pause your account. You can reactivate services by sending us a message with your TikTok username.

We do not require your password and would never ask for it. It is suggested that you never provide your password to anyone and to change it often. Our services will never attempt to login to your account or try to circumvent any security measures put in place.

Most of the time, the answer is no because the great majority of social media users never enquire about the source of Likes. They only look at a video’s hundreds or thousands of Likes, which they then use to assign a value to the video. The idea is that more Likes are more valuable.

This includes ensuring that the TikTok Likes you buy come from real users with live, authentic accounts. Low-quality Likes from fraudulent accounts are everything but authentic and secure; good-quality Likes are. It is also critical to avoid taking risks since the seller you choose will decide if acquiring Likes on TikTok is safe (or not).


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