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Once you buy Automatic Instagram Likes at we will monitor your account for new account activity and send likes automatically.


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When you have made a post our system will detect it within minutes and place it in queue to receive its likes. We also offer slow dripped options to spread the likes out as well as delayed delivery options if you wish for the likes to come at a later time.

Our customers include bands, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and artists who want to make an impact. Sometimes, all you need is one person with the connections to make you popular on Instagram.

2 reviews for Automatic Instagram Likes

  1. Homer R.

    To help my small business’s reach on Instagram, I posted multiple times per day for months and months. While I was able to grow a bit organically, the increase began to plateau and I wasn’t seeing the big impact I wanted nor was I seeing the sales come through. A friend told me about, so I tried the free trial and was surprised at how instantaneously the likes started to come in. Now, I’m fully signed up and especially like that I can pinpoint where I want the likes to come from (ie where my brick-and-mortar store is located), plus I can choose which posts to give a ‘boost’ to, which ultimately helps propel the post further into other feeds and expand the audience I’m able to reach. Love this service – it is a great boost to the organic growth I was already seeing!

  2. Mitch C.

    Buylikes has really helped me grow my Instagram audience. I kept putting out content that no one was seeing and had a really hard time attracting attention to my posts. After purchasing my first batch of likes, I instantly started getting notifications and seeing results. Even better, everyone who liked my post was a real person and not some bot. Since then, I’ve managed to leverage my high-scoring posts with other agencies and have scored some sponsorship deals! Thank you!!!

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